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Note: The prominent crypto exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy in November 2022, setting off a chain reaction impacting other exchanges and leading various cryptocurrency values to plummet. Until the dust settles, proceed with extreme caution; it may be wiser to park your funds in a high-yield savings account until the crypto market stabilizes.

The topic of crypto and retirement investing has become a popular one, especially as brokerages like Fidelity have chosen to offer bitcoin as a 401(k) investment choice. However, several companies also offer crypto trading through self-directed IRAs. These companies also provide custodial services, storage options, and in some cases 24/7 trading access.

Bitcoin IRAs can be an alluring investment option for those who want to avoid capital gains taxes while building wealth. Without an IRA, you’d be subject to capital gains taxes for regular crypto transactions. But self-directed IRAs eliminate those extra costs (or at least defer them).

The Best Bitcoin IRAs of 2023

Bitcoin IRA – Product Name Only: Best overall

BitIRA – Product Name Only: Best for account security

Alto IRA account – Product Name Only: Best investment selection

CoinIRA – Product Name Only: Best for expert assistance

iTrustCapital – Product Name Only: Best for low fees

BlockMint – Product Name Only: Best for beginners

Broad Financial – Product Name Only: Best for account flexibility

The Best Bitcoin IRAs
Methodology: How We Determined the Best Bitcoin IRAs

We researched numerous bitcoin IRAs to find the best options for cryptocurrency selection, fees, security, features, and more.

On the fee side of things, we paid closed attention to account minimums and account setup fees/advisory fees. We also considered customer service availability when narrowing down platforms.

See our full methodology for rating investing platforms »

Best Bitcoin IRAs Frequently Asked Questions
What is a bitcoin IRA?

Bitcoin IRA companies act as custodians for investors who want to diversify their retirement accounts with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, dogecoin, or others. You can only invest in cryptocurrencies with self-directed IRAs.

You can have a self-directed IRA that mimics the tax structure of a traditional or Roth IRA, but unlike traditional and Roth IRAs, these accounts give you greater …read more

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The Best Bitcoin IRAs of March 2023

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