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Knight Frank’s 2023 “Wealth Report” details how ultra-high net worth individuals invest their money.
Stocks and shares are the biggest individual contributors, with 26% of the average UHNWI’s portfolio held in equities.
About 5% of their portfolios goes to “investments of passion” like art, cars, and wine.

Have you ever wondered how the world’s wealthiest people invest their millions?

On March 1, Knight Frank published 2023’s “Wealth Report,” which details the finances of ultra-high net worth individuals or UHNWIs.

Knight Frank surveyed over 500 private bankers, wealth advisors, and family offices representing a combined wealth of more than $2.5 trillion.

And while its report estimates the world’s richest people lost over $10 trillion in total, it also shares insights into how the elite’s financial portfolios are composed.

From vast art collections to crypto and NFTs, this is how the world’s richest people store their money. Each asset category makes up a percentage of the average portfolio, with the total adding up to just over 100% thanks to rounding in Knight Frank’s report.

Equities — 26%

26% of the world’s richest people’s investment portfolios goes into equities, or stocks and shares in companies, Knight Frank’s survey showed. In the Americas, that proportion reaches as high as one-third. 

In 2022, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway spent a record $68 billion on stocks as value in the market reemerged, the company said in its latest annual report.

Commercial property — 34%About 28% of downtown Calgary’s office space is vacant.

Altogether, commercial property makes up more of the portfolios of the super rich than equities, but Knight Frank’s report splits that into direct and indirect investments.

The average portfolio sees 21% put directly into commercial property, while a further 13% is invested through debt funding or real estate investment trusts (REITs).

43% of respondents say their clients currently invest in offices — the most common type of commercial property — while healthcare was the most popular sector with 35% representation.

Environmental factors are significant in how the wealthy choose which properties to invest in as well, with 57% saying their clients look at whether the property has a green energy source.

Bonds — 17%A US Treasury payment check.

Bonds have long been touted as a convenient way to invest money, so it’s no surprise that they make …read more

Source:: Business Insider


This is how the world’s wealthiest people invest their money — from office buildings, to art, to crypto — according to a major survey of the super-rich

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