DEAR ABBY: I recently moved away from my home state and across the country. In a text to my mother, I suggested she come to visit me and stay in my place.

A few days later, in a family group text, my father mentioned he is looking forward to visiting.

While I am polite to my father for my mother’s sake, I do not want him visiting me or staying in my house. The invitation was strictly for her.

How can I tell my mother this without upsetting them? I would really like for her to visit, but I am simply not comfortable seeing my father.


DEAR UNCOMFORTABLE: Is your mother aware of your feelings about your father? If she isn’t, tell her how you feel and why. If she’s aware, then she was wrong not to let him know the invitation was for her only.

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Pick up a phone, call her and make clear to her you do not want him to accompany her.

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Dear Abby: My father thinks he’s invited but I don’t want him in my new house

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