“Teen Mom” husbands Bar Smith and David Eason caught the attention of fans on Monday, March 6 after engaging in a Twitter feud. The two repeatedly took jabs at each other on social media after Eason made a comment about Smith’s daughter Holly.

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Bar Smith & David Eason Fight on Twitter

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The feud began after Eason, who joined Twitter in March 2023, responded to one of Smith’s wife Ashley Jones’s tweets.

On March 4, Ashley shared a tweet about her five-year-old daughter Holly, whom she shares with Smith.

“People always say they hope my daughter is nothing like me …. S*** me too,” she wrote. “She will be 10x better, 10x smarter, 10x more beautiful …”

On March 5, Eason replied to the tweet with a gif of the actor Eric Stoltz from the 1985 movie “Mask.” The movie is a biographical film based on the life of Roy L. “Rocky” Dennis, a boy who lived with a rare genetic disorder known as lionitis, which caused “his facial bone features to contort and grow at an abnormally fast rate,” according to allthatsinteresting.com.

Alongside the gif, Eason wrote, “-the kid.”

Smith responded to Eason’s tweet on March 6, writing, “The fact you think you could say something to my wife, about my kid I will literally meet you wherever David…. Any day…. Any time…. Off of your land so you can’t tell the police I came on your property.”

In another tweet, Smith stated he has wanted to fight the former “Teen Mom” star for years.

“I been asking to fight off camera 1 on 1 for years and you always say s*** back to the women,” he wrote.

Eason shot back at Smith two hours later on Twitter. The North Carolina native insulted Eason in his reply and claimed he “can’t take a joke.”

Smith continued the argument with another tweet. The MTV star asked Eason if he would like to meet up and handle the conflict “like men.”

“David again, when would you like to meet up and handle it like men?,” he wrote in a March 6 tweet. “I live …read more

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David Eason Feuds with Current ‘Teen Mom’ Husband

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