DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have a son, daughter-in-law and grandson. We moved from another city to be closer to them and be part of their lives.

The problem is, my husband dislikes our daughter-in-law’s parents. He refuses to spend holidays or attend other activities where both sets of parents will be.

I don’t think the other parents or my son or daughter-in-law are aware of his dislike. This leaves me feeling extremely sad and not knowing what to do.

I feel this is his problem and not mine. I have no issues with the other parents. I feel I should be able to attend my grandson’s activities without him. There are times when we visit our son and his family alone, so that works out well.

I can’t say anything about his animosity for fear that it will cause hurt feelings, especially for my daughter-in-law, whom I love very much. Please advise.


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DEAR MOM: Relationships can be complicated. Not all families meld easily. It’s regrettable, but it’s also a fact.

While it would be nice if your husband would be willing to make an effort to control his distaste so he could be included in more get-togethers, he has made it clear that he isn’t.

Continue visiting with your son, DIL and in-laws when the opportunity arises. Let your husband “have other plans, be busy,” etc. If your son or DIL asks why your husband is absent so often, tell them to ask him.

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Source:: The Mercury News


Dear Abby: Do I have to let my husband’s grudge limit our family life?

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