It has become a tradition for “The Voice” coaches to give gifts to their new team members after each season’s Blind Auditions, and Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper, Niall Horan, and Blake Shelton all revealed their coach gifts during the March 6 premiere of season 23.

Coach gifts in past seasons have included a vocal health first-aid kit (from season 21’s coach Ariana Grande), a boxing robe (also in season 21 from John Legend), and a fanny pack and camera (from Camila Cabello in season 22). This season, however, all four coaches decided to stick to gifts that their team members could wear to share their team spirit.

Blake Shelton Gave Out ‘Last Team’ T-Shirts

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Blake has not missed any opportunities to remind his fellow coaches, prospective team members, and the viewing audience at home that season 23 will be his final season on “The Voice” after joining the show 12 years ago in season one. As such, it is fitting that the final Team Blake gift is a t-shirt that on the front reads “I’m on Blake’s LAST team…”, and on the back says “and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”.

“For the lucky people who join Team Blake this year,” Blake said during the season premiere before holding up the t-shirt and letting it speak for itself, “Who could say no to that?”

Blake’s most recent coach gifts have been a trip to his “Win Cam” for a photo with the country singer (in season 21) and a camouflage cooler bag (in season 22).

New coaches Niall and Chance also got their team members wearable gifts, with Niall’s gift being a purple sweatshirt featuring a flower with a smiley face and the words “Team Niall” on it, and Chance’s gift being an exclusive version of his signature hat.

“I brought my own special edition ‘The Voice’ ‘3’ caps that only are available for the people on Team Chance, and they look good in it no matter what,” Chance said, showing off a custom black and red version of his trademark baseball cap with the number three on the front. High Snobiety reported that …read more



Blake Shelton Makes ‘Last Team’ Reveal on ‘The Voice’

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