Q: Last month someone asked about the speed limit for express lanes. I did not see a satisfying answer. My CHP friend told me that he has given tickets for impeding traffic to people driving the speed limit in these lanes. If I don’t want to drive 25 mph in the regular lanes and I don’t want to get a ticket for speeding or impeding traffic, how fast should I be driving?

Linda Brown

A: Your CHP friend is correct and it points to how drivers must react to traffic around them. If you are impeding traffic even at the speed limit, try to pull safely into a slower lane.

Q: Normally, carpool lanes have three signs. One notes the fine, one notes the 2-person requirement, and one notes the time of day when restrictions are in effect.

I was on southbound Highway 101 the other day. I noticed the other two signs, but not the time of day sign. Is the carpool lane effective all-day-every-day on that stretch of road? If not, we’re one sign short.

Tom Littmann

A: That area has the normal carpool hours. A new sign is coming.

Q: I wasn’t sure if carpool lanes on eastbound Montague Expressway are currently effective, Monday through Friday, 3-7 p.m. During the pandemic, the diamond sign was off and I thought that cars could drive in that lane. With more people going back to work, is the carpool lane enforced, even though the flashing diamond sign is still off?

Joe Wan

A: Diamond lanes are currently effective in this area, whether the sign is on now or not.

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Roadshow: Can I really get a ticket for driving the speed limit in express lane?

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