Utah-based Wheelhaus is building luxurious prefab tiny homes on wheels starting at almost $150,000.
The company has seen a rise in sales as people seek out ADUs and more affordable homes.
Take a look around its most popular unit, the 400-square-foot Wedge.

Amid a fraught housing market and rising mortgage rates, one nontraditional home builder has come out a winner with rising sales: Wheelhaus.

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But don’t except your typical two-bedroom, two-bathroom family homes.

The Utah-based company is building luxurious prefab tiny homes on wheels starting at almost $150,000.

And according to its founder Jamie Mackay, these units have sparked the interest and pockets of both accessory dwelling unit (ADU) fans and buyers who are waiting to purchase larger homes.

Tiny home builders have seen plenty of success since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Wheelhaus isn’t new to this growing market.

Mackay — who has a background in real estate and RV camps — founded the company in 2006 after realizing he could build homes atop platforms on wheels, similar to a tricked-out RV.

Wheelhaus’ homes qualify as both recreational vehicles and modular homes, according to Mackay.

The company’s first 20 builds were for Fireside Resort, a luxury camping site in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Since then, sales have taken off.

According to Mackay, his units have been “selling like crazy” to customers in the US and Canada.

“I always think there’s a recession coming and then we’re gonna sell less units,” Mackay said. “But it seems like it just turns up the knob. Sales go up every year.”

At first, Wheelhaus was building around 10 to 15 units a year. But in the last five years, interest has begun picking up.

Last year, Mackay said they delivered 175 units. Insider could not verify this number.

And in 2023, he predicts the company will produce between 225 to 250 tiny homes.

If it weren’t for Wheelhaus’ quality control, Mackay says the company could “sell as many units as he wanted.”

These tiny homes were designed to withstand hurricane winds and heavy snow loads.

Source: Wheelhaus

Its general uses can be as creative as the owner.

These homes can go wherever RVs can go.

Some buyers are using them as a home gym or office. Others are using them as a guest house for the pesky in-laws they might not want in their larger home.

There’s also the option …read more

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The company behind these luxurious hurricane-proof prefab tiny homes is seeing a boom in sales — see inside its most popular $150,000 unit

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