DEAR ABBY: I found out today that my wife was sexting with a man in another state.

His girlfriend sent me a message, which included a series of screenshots. I had confronted my wife regarding this prior to receiving the messages, but she swore she had sent only one topless photo and nothing else. After I reviewed the messages, I saw much more.

She claims “she doesn’t remember everything,” which I find hard to believe.

Worse, they had planned to meet. She claims she didn’t, but I saw a message saying that once I went back home (we were visiting her parents), she would stay an extra week with our son so he could “spend more time with the grandparents” — and she could maneuver to meet up with him.

I can’t believe her based upon her lying repeatedly about this.

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Dear Abby: I love my wife but I think I better get divorced

We have a child together, so I don’t want to walk away, but I’m deeply hurt and no longer trust her. I know you will recommend marriage counseling, but beyond that process is there anything I should do?


DEAR LOST: Has your wife always been this way, or is this behavior something new? She seems to be severely allergic to the truth.

By all means, attempt marriage counseling if she is willing. However, if she isn’t willing, have some counseling without her. And start interviewing attorneys to represent you in what is likely to be a divorce. Without trust, there can be no marriage.

P.S. Save those …read more

Source:: The Mercury News


Dear Abby: A stranger sent me screenshots of what my wife has been doing

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