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Figo pet insurance offers aggressive pet insurance coverage options to ensure your pet gets the veterinary care they need in an emergency. Figo offers easy online quotes, and Costco members qualify for discounts on its pet insurance plans.

Many pet owners won’t think twice about buying pet insurance, hoping they’ll never need it. But pet insurance can be the difference between paying $10,000 out of pocket and paying as little as $0 for your pet’s medical needs. In addition, it could mean getting your pet medical care in a crisis and later on for a smooth recovery.

If you’re in the market for pet insurance, you may fancy Pet Insurance’s affordable coverage, customizable plans, and excellent customer service. We’re here to help you understand Figo pet insurance and how it stacks up next to its competitors so you can decide if it’s a match for your furry friend.

Types of Pet Insurance Plans from Figo 

Pet Insurance offers three plans with varying prices and coverage limits. Its Essential program reimburses pet parents up to $5,000 in veterinary bills annually. Its most popular Preferred plan covers up to $10,000. Finally, its Unlimited plan has no cap on coverage. Figo also allows subscribers to choose between 70% to 100% reimbursement on qualifying bills.

Figo offers an extensive range of pet medical coverage, including but not limited to the following:

Common illness — Covers major and minor diseases like ear infections and urinary tract infections

Accidents and emergencies — Coverage for hospitalization, surgeries, and medication related to accidental like torn ligaments and accidental ingestions

Cancer — Coverage for the cost of treatment for radiation, chemotherapy, surgeries, and more

Hereditary and congenital disorders — Coverage for inherited disabilities such as heart disease and hip dysplasia

Chronic conditions — Coverage for ongoing and lifelong conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, or Cushing’s disease

Pet cloud — This Figo app makes communication with the team and uploading your claims more easily

Surgeries — Coverage for accidents and illnesses that arise during your policy requiring surgery

Veterinary specialist treatments — Coverage for conditions requiring a veterinary specialist (such as a pet oncologist or allergy specialist)

Dental disease and injury — Coverage for dental care if impacted by …read more

Source:: Business Insider


Figo Pet Insurance Review 2023

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