The standard PlayStation 5 (left) next to the PlayStation 5 digital edition (right).

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Sony sells two versions of the PlayStation 5: the $500 standard model and $400 digital edition.
The standard PS5 has a 4K Blu-ray drive, while the digital edition doesn’t have a disc drive at all.
Other than that, both PS5 models deliver the exact same performance.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is the fastest selling video game console of the current generation, and buyers can choose between two models: a $500 standard edition and $400 digital edition. 

The more affordable digital edition doesn’t have a disc drive for physical games and movies, so you’re limited to playing digital game downloads. Meanwhile, the standard PS5 includes a 4K Blu-ray drive to play game discs and movies.

Sony’s decision to make a cheaper all-digital version of the PS5 comes at a time when digital PlayStation software sales continue to outpace physical sales. According to Sony’s most recent earnings report, about 62% of all PlayStation games were purchased digitally during the fall of 2022. Though that’s a decrease from the start of 2022, when digital sales accounted for 80% of all PlayStation games sold, digital remains the most popular way to buy a PlayStation game.

But while digital downloads are convenient, there are clear benefits that come from paying a bit more for a PS5 with a disc drive. Most notably, physical games can be bought pre-owned for a discount, resold, or shared with friends and family.

Whether the standard PS5 is truly worth an extra $100 over the digital edition really comes down to how heavily you weigh the advantages of that disc drive. Here’s a full breakdown of how the two PS5 models stack up to help you decide if those disc perks are worth it. 

PS5 digital vs. disc: Pricing and availability

The standard PS5 costs $500, which is $100 more than the $400 PS5 digital edition. But while cheaper, the digital edition is often shipped to retailers in smaller quantities, so the standard PS5 is typically easier to find.

Availability for both consoles is considerably better in 2023 than it has been in previous years. Both models have been in stock regularly during the early months of 2023. They can still sell out quickly, but restocks are frequent and it’s no longer as rare to find …read more

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PS5 vs. PS5 digital edition: Which PlayStation 5 should you buy?

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