Singapore Airlines operates the world’s longest flight, using an Airbus A350 to connect Singapore and New York.
I took the 18-hour journey in business class and thought it was an easy way to cross the globe.
From the large bed to the stocked lavatories, here are the five things that impressed me the most.

As a travel and aviation enthusiast, I have flown on dozens of international carriers and experienced a handful of cabin products.ITA Airways A350 at the Farnborough International Air Show 2022.

This includes things like the crammed 16-inch-wide seats on French bee’s Airbus A350…French bee 10-abreast A350 with 16-inch seats.

Source: French bee

…Air New Zealand’s innovative Skycouch in its economy cabin, which converts into a bed…

…and United Airlines’ Polaris Plus cabin, which features the regular bells and whistles of premium economy, like a leggiest, footrest, and premium food.United Airlines’ Polar Plus cabin on its Boeing 787.

However, like many other travelers, I love to fly in business class when I can.The author flying Air New Zealand in business class in September 2022 on the inaugural nonstop flight from New York to Auckland.

While I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in almost every business class product, I was particularly impressed with the one on Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A350.Singapore Airlines A350 business class.

I flew on the world’s longest flight in business class and thought the 18-hour trip from Singapore to New York was nearly flawless

I experienced the cabin on the world’s longest flight in January, which covers over 9,500 miles between Singapore and New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport — here are the five things that impressed me the most.Singapore Airlines A350-900.

1. The lie-flat seat was so big, I could sit crisscrossed or lay on my stomach.The bulkhead seats have even more legroom.

According to SeatGuru, Singapore’s A350-900 business class loungers are 28 inches wide with 60 inches of pitch, meaning there is a significant amount of space to sprawl out.

Source: SeatGuru

At only 5’3,” I could stretch my legs all the way out…

…and I could even sit criss-cross on the seat, which is the most comfortable for me.

But, I was most impressed when the lounger was converted into a lie-flat bed. Instead of a skinny bed as seen on many US and European carriers…La Compagnie’s seat in lie-flat …read more

Source:: Business Insider


Singapore Airlines flies the world’s longest flight at over 18 hours. Here are the 5 things that impressed me most in business class.

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