DEAR HARRIETTE: I’m about to host my own birthday dinner. I want to invite a few friends out to a nice restaurant, but I’m stuck on how I should split the check.

Do I pay for only my portion and expect everyone else to cover their own? Or should I ask my friends to split the total cost equally? I don’t want to be tacky. How do I let my guests know that I do not plan to cover everyone’s meals? The bill is sure to add up quickly, and I can’t cover the full tab.

Birthday Etiquette

DEAR BIRTHDAY ETIQUETTE: What’s most important is that you communicate clearly with your friends so that everybody knows what the expectations are for the party. You may want to start with the restaurant to see if you can select a limited menu from which your guests can choose. That way, you will know what the meal is likely to cost.

In your communication with your friends, let them know you want them to join you to celebrate your birthday, but you are asking everyone to pay for their own meal. Tell them the approximate cost of dinner plus drinks.

Suggest that they bring cash or be prepared to Zelle or Venmo you at the end of the evening. By making it clear in advance that they have to pay, you limit the number of guests who come up short.

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Many restaurants do not allow parties to split a bill more than three ways, which is why you need your guests to know that …read more

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Harriette Cole: What’s a non-tacky way to say I won’t be paying for dinner?

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