Duvet covers weirdly cater to all ages. Seven-year-old me could care less about the best side sleeper pillow or how firm a mattress is, but a Lightning McQueen-themed duvet cover? A necessity. Cut to me a week ago: a young professional decorating my NYC apartment, scouring the web for an adult upgrade to my Etsy daisy-print bedspread. This scavenger hunt, while exhilarating, came with a major downside: high price points. That is until I stumbled across the high-quality lifestyle brand Quince and its $180 European Linen Duvet Cover Set.

The keyword here is linen. A light, airy, all-natural flax duvet cover by itself typically goes for $100 to $200; throw in the pillowcases and you’re jumping into the $200 to $400 range. A queen-size linen set from the home goods powerhouse Parachute retails for $374. So why does it cost so much more than other natural fabrics like cotton? Per Parachute’s blog post, harvesting the flax is quite laborious and the finished product is stronger than cotton, feels boho-luxe, and is “ideal for year-round use.” So you can understand the Shopping team’s excitement when we discovered Quince’s under-$200, 4.9-star, 100% woven European flax bedding. Read on to hear about my night with the internet’s most affordable linen duvet cover set and to find out if it reflected that cheap price tag or felt like a million bucks.

Quince Linen Duvet Cover Set, Sand (Queen), $344 $179.90

What is Quince?

We are equal parts impressed and utterly confused by this retailer’s vast, category-spanning inventory. All it takes is a few clicks on the seriously sophisticated site, and boom, your cart is filled to the brim with chic washable silk tees, classy 14-karat gold hoops, a moisturizer or two, and, of course, a lovely duvet cover set. The biggest surprise, however, is Quince’s commitment to producing items “of equal or greater quality than the leading luxury brands at a much lower price.” In fact, the retailer first piqued the Shopping team’s interest because of its $50 — sorry, let us spell that out for emphasis — f-i-f-t-y dollar Mongolian cashmere crewneck sweater. Then came the under-$200 duvet cover set, and we were sold. …read more

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I Tried The Internet’s Most Affordable Linen Bedding

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