The New York Giants just handed Daniel Jones a $160 million contract that pays him roughly $40 million per year. Yikes. That’s a ton of money for a pretty average quarterback, albeit one coming off his best season to date anchored by a playoff appearance.

Jones’ deal — there’s more to it, the actual numbers are far lower — is further evidence that the market for starters is through the roof right now (see: Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks). Either way, Jones is a rich man. And his new-found wealth has pushed financial estimates for Jalen Hurts’ potential extension to unfathomable levels.

“That, more than anything else, will set the market for Hurts’ next contract,” wrote Martin Frank of the News Journal. “And that will most likely make Hurts the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL.”

If anyone was curious (we were):

After Federal, PA state taxes, and local Philadelphia taxes, (not accounting for varying tax rates in states for away games), he would take-home around $22.5-23M per year.

— Eagles Nation (NFC Champs) (@PHLEaglesNation) March 9, 2023

Spotrac recently upped their market value on him to $44.2 million per year or six years at $265.3 million. While some in the media have suggested Hurts should take a pay cut — why would he ever do that? — the price tag is going to be steep. The Eagles really have no choice. Back up the Brinks truck, baby!

If not, the front office stands to leave a bad taste in their franchise quarterback’s mouth next off-season when he’s eligible for free agency. Hurts has said and done all the right things while developing into an MVP candidate.

Does anyone know where I can get a Brinks truck please?? 💰 Urgent !

— Nicole Lynn (@AgentNicoleLynn) January 13, 2023


The other option is to wait and slap the franchise tag on him in 2024, but that’s not the way the Eagles have traditionally conducted business. They have gone 15 straight years without using the tag. It seems unlikely they would start a new tradition and make the most important position on the field the guinea pig.

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