Dear Amy: On several occasions I have lent my former co-worker “Cal” a portable oxygen concentrator that was used by my deceased husband.

Cal’s wife, whom I have never met, requires nearly full-time oxygen use, and the concentrator makes her frequent trips out of state to visit family much easier than hauling canisters, which is the only alternative her insurance provides.

The concentrator also enables her to fly on these trips, as canisters are mostly prohibited by airlines.

The last time he borrowed it was six months ago. I had forgotten I gave it to him, but I texted him a couple of months ago to check in.

Before I could mention it, he apologized for not contacting me and asked if his wife could use it one more time in the following week, and then he would bring it back. I said of course.

That was the last time I heard from him.

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I am conflicted on how to handle this. I am disappointed in this person and feel he has just decided to keep the concentrator unless I specifically demand that he return it.

I don’t need it and had actually considered giving it to him when he first asked to borrow it.

Should I just let it go?

I’ve considered blocking all communication from him as a way to draw a definitive line though any presumed friendship …read more

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