The signs are all there. The news that the Dolphins will sign quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to his fifth-year contract extension is the latest exciting indication they’re serious about making this Super Bowl run, more serious than they’ve been in years.

This is good stuff, Dolphins fans.

This isn’t a series of headline-grabbing, one-off transactions.

For the first time in a long time, we’re witnessing a legitimate, carefully crafted, well-thought-out championship pursuit. The Dolphins are trying to win now, not two or three years from now, and they have a master plan. That’s becoming more clear with each conjoining move.

The Dolphins are positioning themselves financially (they’re releasing injury-slowed cornerback Byron Jones along with other moves), mentally (Tagovailoa’s mind is probably more at ease now that he doesn’t have to listen to Tom Brady rumors), and physically (Tagovailoa is taking jiu-jitsu) to make a Super Bowl run.

There’s no guarantee it’ll work.

Heck, there’s no guarantee Tagovailoa stays healthy next season, or that the Dolphins make the playoffs.

This fifth-year extension might turn out to be a big, greasy nothingburger.

I’m still unsure whether I’d give Tagovailoa (25 touchdowns, eight interceptions, league-leading 105.5 passer rating in 2022) the fifth-year extension if I was in charge. I can see it both ways.

It makes sense to give the fifth-year extension because Tagovailoa is a definitely talented quarterback, and you need a talented quarterback. Plus, giving him the fifth-year extension also allows you to use the franchise tag to keep him in 2025, if necessary.

However, Tagovailoa has a concussion history, which is the No. 1 concern. And you could point to his less-than impressive performances in crucial late-season games at San Francisco and the Los Angeles Chargers as reasons to wait on the contract extension.

But take a step beyond Tagovailoa’s extension.

Recall how the Dolphins have been lining things up – acquiring coach Mike McDaniel, wide receiver Tyreek Hill, left tackle Terron Armstead, edge rusher Bradley Chubb, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, and now awarding Tagovailoa’s fifth-year extension.

At the same time there have been reported contract renegotiations with Hill, Armstead and Chubb to create more money to get more players to pursue a title.

This is the best-planned title run in more than two decades.

How does the Tagovailoa extension fit into the plan?

Well, you’ve got him $23.1 million for 2024. That’s a bargain if he stays healthy and plays as well as he played last season. It gets you …read more

Source:: The Mercury News


Chris Perkins: Tua fifth-year extension latest sign Dolphins are poised to win now

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