The most recent conversation with former Celtics star Isaiah Thomas couldn’t last too long. He had just pulled up to a gym on this Pacific Northwest morning, and the soundtrack of his life was calling.

The screeching of sneakers on hardwood, the thump-thump-thump of the dribble — pause — then rip of leather through nylon. The symphony of the made jumper.

It’s been 11 months to the day since he performed that composition in an NBA concert hall, and he’s doing all he can to get back onto that stage.

“Steady on the grind. Staying ready. Hopefully something coming on my phone soon,” Thomas tells Heavy Sports. “But you know me, I’m just taking care of the family and staying in the gym. I’m just staying ready, staying as positive as I can during this situation. Obviously I still want to play in the NBA, so I’m going to work for that until I can’t.”

He’s been a free agent since going for 14 points in 12 and a half minutes for Charlotte last April. He played against the Wizards that day; his opponent now is the waiting.

“Day by day, same things, different grind, trying to keep my mental as sharp as possible during this time,” Thomas says. There are two basic sessions day comprising two or three hours, “and then I try to find a run out here.”

On Wednesday night, it was with some Seattle Storm players, but sometimes he’ll take to Twitter to see if there are any good pickup games in the Tacoma area. He needs to stay ready.

“I’ve been talking to two teams the last couple of weeks,” Thomas reports. “Hopefully they make a decision by the end of this week or early next week. But I’ve been in contact with teams monthly.

“So that’s the thing with me, like, I know it’s close; I just have to find the team that really wants me to be on board and me to help in any situation possible. My agency and my representatives are just trying to figure it out. Obviously there’s a lot of overseas interest, but that’s just not even on my mind right now, so I don’t even want to dip into that. My ultimate goal is to have an NBA jersey. That’s all I want.”

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Ex-Star Isaiah Thomas ‘Staying Ready’ & Celtics Teammates Would Welcome a Return

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