The Golden State Warriors have been struggling a bit this season, especially when it’s come to winning on the road. They just dropped yet another road game on Wednesday night, falling to the Memphis Grizzlies. Plus, there was the added drama of the developing beef between Dillon Brooks and Draymond Green.

Brooks and Green got into a little scuffle during the game, and it was clear that both sides were getting amped up for the game. After the contest, Grizzlies All-Star Jaren Jackson Jr. sounded off on the intensity that came with the Brooks-Green exchange.

“Love it. Love to see it,” Jackson Jr. said via the FreeDawkins YouTube channel. “It’s perfect. I mean, it just shows how bad we want it. You know how bad he wants it, and it just radiates through everybody. Yes, it’s passion, man. Gotta love it.”

Green has been on the record saying that the matchup between Golden State and Memphis isn’t a rivalry, but Jackson Jr. disagrees.

“Every time we touch the floor, it’s a rivalry,” said Jackson Jr. “We saw this team many times. We feel like every single time we’re out there with them, it’s a rivalry for sure.”

That being said, he stressed the fact that Memphis should be hyped for every game they play, not just when it’s against the defending champions.

“Maybe a little bit,” Jackson Jr. said when asked if the Grizzlies get more pumped up to face the Warriors. “We kind of did this with a bunch of teams. So there’s a bunch of dates on our calendar we’re going to look out a little bit harder because there’s 80 games, and a couple of games might get you a little bit more up. But it really shouldn’t be like that. It should be every game. It don’t matter who’s out there, for real.”

However, Jackson Jr. did admit that, considering the history between the two teams, there’s a little extra motivation when they take on Golden State.

“Yeah, of course. I mean, they won last year, and they beat us [in the playoffs],” Jackson Jr. explained.

Draymond Green Sounds Off on Grizzlies

As mentioned, Green went on a tangent after the game, claiming that there isn’t a rivalry between the Warriors and the Grizzlies.

“No, it’s expected,” Green said of the fire between the two teams when they play each other via NBA Interviews. “Teams have …read more



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