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While the Buffalo Bills aren’t expected to make any big moves in the free agency market, defensive tackle DaQuan Jones appears to be trying to work his magic to recruit Tennessee Titans star Jeffery Simmons, who requested an extension before the start of the 2023 NFL season.

Simmons is not a free agent, but he’s entering the final fifth-year option of his rookie contract which is set to pay him $10.7 million and does not have a long-term deal in place.

“I want to be here for a long time,” Simmons said, per The Tennessean in January. “I want to finish my career here. If we can get a deal done this offseason, I hope that’s the plan on both sides. I don’t want to get into next year then something happens with the contract or we get into the offseason and I hit free agency.”

Although it may not mean much of anything, Jeffery Simmons took down a lot of pictures from his IG & is no longer following the #Titans. It’s unknown whether or not negotiations on a long-term deal have started, but this is something worth monitoring.

— TURRON DAVENPORT (@TDavenport_NFL) March 5, 2023

While the former first-round pick from the 2019 NFL Draft said, “I love Tennessee. I want to be here,” he has since deleted his Twitter account and removed all mentions and photos of the Titans from his Instagram page. On Friday, March 10, Jones, who used to be teammates with Simmons in Tennessee, caused a stir on Twitter by sharing a photo of the duo working out together. “Wouldn’t he look in a Bills uniform,” Jones tweeted.

Wouldn’t he look in a Bills uniform

— DaQuan Jones (@RiDQulous_98) March 10, 2023

Fans and analysts had strongly mixed reactions to Jones’ attempt to recruit the two-time All-Pro to Buffalo. While Cover 1 host Aaron Quinn tweeted, “Don’t tease us like that,” and shared a GIF that read, “Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane,” a Titans fan responded, “Back off, DaQuan!!! Just finish up your stint in Buffalo and come back to the Titans!”

A Bills fan tweeted, “Dude. We sign Simmons and resign DJones and NO ONE would run between the tackles on …read more



Photo of Bills DT Working Out With Disgruntled Titans Star Causes a Stir

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