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MagSafe wallets vary widely in shape and function.

The best MagSafe wallets can securely attach to your phone and eliminate the need for a bifold wallet.
Some MagSafe wallets can hold all your cards plus cash, while other slimmer options are meant for lighter capacities.
Apple, Mujjo, and the other trusted brands on this list make wallets that offer first-rate safety and accessibility.

A MagSafe wallet is the ultimate way to simplify the “phone, wallet, keys” check before you leave the house. If you’re going out and don’t want to carry a bag, a MagSafe wallet will allow you to streamline your carry to just a few cards (and maybe even some bills). 

Some of the options on our list include integrated stands or grips to enhance your experience with their wallet and diversify its use. Others are simple and well-made, prioritizing slim designs and sophisticated materials to create a pocket-friendly wallet that can be used every day.

MagSafe wallets will be compatible with any phone in the iPhone 12 series onward. The best MagSafe wallets will not only fit the capacity you need, but also have a strong magnetic connection to keep your cards close. Our list has options for every user — see which MagSafe wallet is right for you.

What to look for in a MagSafe wallet

While there are plenty of individual factors to consider when purchasing a phone wallet, a paramount feature should be the wallet’s magnet strength. An official MagSafe connection will usually guarantee a solid magnetic grip, however the material of your phone case or the amount of cards or cash you put in the wallet will undoubtedly affect the magnet’s effectiveness. 

Some of the wallets on this list are intended for lighter use (for just carrying your credit card and driver’s license, for example), so if you overpack it, your wallet might fall off the back of your phone over the course of the day. If you’re worried about card security, features like RFID protection or a magnetic closure will keep your cards from being skimmed or from falling out of the wallet. 

Overall, you’ll want to compare options based on your intended use. If you plan on only using the MagSafe wallet for a night out, you might opt for a smaller capacity option with RFID protection, but if you’re planning on replacing your …read more

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The best MagSafe wallets for keeping your cards secure and accessible

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