It’s an intense time for rookies in the last year of their contracts. Typically, one of two scenarios happens: The player signs an extension, or he plays out the final year. Heading into his fourth season, Pittsburgh Steelers edge-rusher Alex Highsmith finds himself in that very situation.

While the Steelers’ plans for him are unknown, Highsmith knows what he’d like those plans to be and clarified his stance on a recent House of Yinzer podcast episode.

“I love being here, being part of this team,” Highsmith said. “This organization is amazing, being part of the defense is amazing and the fans are awesome. Mr. [Art] Rooney [II], Omar [Khan], coach [Mike] Tomlin — he’s one of the best coaches I’ve had. It’s just awesome being able to play for him.

“We’ll see you know. God’s got a plan with it all. I’ll trust in him the whole way. But I do love it here and I love the fans — Steelers Nation as a whole is great.”

President Art Rooney II on Alex Highsmith’s Future With Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers typically hammer out deals with players heading into the final year of their contract. Still, it doesn’t take precedence over a player whose contract expires, like the case with cornerback Cam Sutton. While the two parties could reach an agreement in the months ahead, there’s a possibility a decision on Alex Highsmith’s future could be held over until next offseason.

Like he and the Steeler brass are so good at doing, team president Art Rooney II danced around the issue when asked about Highsmith’s status moving forward and if he’d receive an extension sooner than later.

“No doubt Alex had a great season, and we look forward to having him on the team,” Rooney told Bob Pompeani in a January 26 KDKA interview. “I think he and T.J. [Watt] can be a strong combination rushing from both sides, a little bit like Bud [Dupree] was with T.J. for a couple of years there. We’ll see what happens with the contract, but we’re happy to have Alex, too.”

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Alex Highsmith Takes Firm Stance on Contract with Steelers

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