New Chicago Bulls point guard Patrick Beverley has a very powerful message for Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant.

“I like Ja. And I like Ja camp,” Beverley said on the ‘Pat Bev Podcast with Rone’ on March 7. “Every time I see him, I speak – say hello, if they need anything while they in L.A…He’s on his way to something that, regardless of what area, what hood, what ethnicity you grew up in…He’s changing the game. And he’s opening doors for people his size, athleticism, his background. So, with doing that, you have to carry that responsibility. Even if you’re ready for it or not. I think that’s just part of the business”

Morant has found himself making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Most recently, he has been sent away from the team following a video Morant posted on his Instagram that showed him holding what appeared to be a gun in a nightclub while the team was in Denver to take on the Nuggets on March 3.

Members of the Indiana Pacers also filed a complaint with the NBA alleging that someone in a vehicle Morant was believed to be in pointed a red laser at them after their tilt on January 14.

“It’s unfortunate,” Beverley said of Morant’s current plight. “It’s very unfortunate. “And I don’t know his upbringing. Because the upbringing of guys that’s really from the trenches, it’s like, when you get older and you get money, you try to – I would say go away from it. But you try to better the situation you’re in.”

Morant is also accused of threatening a security guard at a mall after a member of his entourage “pushed” the security guard in the head, according to a report from the Washington Post from March 1.

The Post also details Morant striking a minor “12 to 13 times” before then “brandishing” a gun at the teenager, according to the police report.

This drew a particular bit of Beverley’s brand of ire during the discussion.

“Fighting 17 [or] 18-year-old boys where I’m from – in my neighborhood, where I’m from – you don’t get no points for that,” Beverley said. “You get points for beating up the big dog, not small cats….We got a rule growing up: you don’t flash gun unless you’re ready to use it. Obviously, …read more



Bulls’ Starter Sends Powerful Message to Grizzlies Star Ja Morant

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