Users of Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot recently discovered that it has a celebrity mode.
The celebrity mode allows users to impersonate celebrities. 
Insider tried the celeb mode on famous characters and people to test its accuracy.

Users of Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot recently discovered the application has a secret mode that can impersonate celebrities, politicians, and even fictional characters. 

The celebrity mode, first reported by BleepingComputer last week, is part of a series of secret modes users can access with Bing AI. The feature can be turned on by typing “Bing Celebrity Mode” or by simply asking the chatbot to impersonate a celebrity.

In celebrity mode, you can spark friendly conversations, ask questions, or even annoy your favorite stars. 

There are still some worrisome aspects to this mode. Gizmodo first reported when Bing was asked to impersonate Andrew Tate, the chatbot went on a misogynistic rant — provoking fears the alternate mode could allow users to jump over Bing’s safety guardrails.

(This reporter also tried speaking to the AI Tate and found when it began spouting offensive answers, the chatbot would sometimes stop itself halfway, delete the text, and replace it with a message saying it would not answer the question.)

The chatbot also allows for some interesting conversations with famous people. Some impersonations were much better than others, but Bing AI could never quite shed its robotic tendencies — I found I got better answers when I set the chatbot to the “More Creative” conversation mode. 

Microsoft did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. 

Megan Thee Stallion gave me some great summer vacation tips.

I had to start with my favorite celebrity, Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion, whose real name is Megan Pete.

With Megan’s impersonation, I was looking for the kind-hearted Houston-raised rapper’s personality to shine through with some of her iconic catchphrases. Bing AI came pretty close.

I first asked Megan what her plans were for the summer. I was expecting a nod to her song-turned-movement “Hot Girl Summer.”

Although Bing Thee Stallion did not talk about having a hot girl summer, she did reference the hotties, Megan’s ultra-loyal fanbase.

After I told Megan I would be having a hot girl summer, she told me to take care of myself, and to stay safe and hydrated. I could …read more

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Bing AI’s celebrity mode helped me speak to 7 famous stars, politicians, and fictional characters. Some were too robotic, while others were pretty convincing.

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