In 13 months, Andrew Whitworth went from winning a Super Bowl with Jalen Ramsey to watching his past Los Angeles Rams teammate leave the “Rams House” for South Beach.

“Big Whit” became one who shared his strong opinion on the Sunday, March 12 trade that sent the perennial Pro Bowler to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for a third rounder and reserve tight end Hunter Long. Whitworth’s reaction, though, was more in response to ESPN NFL reporter Nick Wagoner explaining the meaning of the Ramsey move — with Wagoner detailing in his tweet how the Rams were “always going to have to sell off expensive pieces after their run.” But also saw Wagoner add how a “Five-year window is a run any team would be happy to have,” in regards to the Rams’ 2017-2021 run that saw two conference titles and the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

“Exactly! At some point there’s a reset…They didn’t have a winning season for like 15 YEARS!” Whitworth first reacted. “Got their coach and locker room pieces they believed in, then went all in. Won it!”

The next step, Whitworth explained, was: “Now you shut the Window, Then find what fit takes to reopen it!!”

Whitworth Also Explains Ex-Teammate’s Contract Situation

One fan quipped how Ramsey’s trade involves a lesser known player coming over to the Rams as well as a day two draft pick. Many fans and analysts believed that Ramsey would be worth more of a first round pick or high second rounder.

Whitworth, however, offered this explanation.

“Because that’s what teams offered. That’s what people are missing!” Whitworth began. “That’s a reflection of you being a desperate seller. Jalen’s contract value, Jalen wanting better contract (why Miami had to guarantee more years). You think the Rams chose that deal over two 1st rounders??? No that’s what teams saw as Jalen’s worth with the requirements to get deal done. That’s not that hard to understand. Take out emotion and it’s easy.”

Meanwhile, Over the Cap founder Jason Fitzgerald brought up if the Rams’ “double down in 2022” was worthwhile or if the franchise should’ve been more cautious about their cap. Fitzgerald, though, acknowledged that the Rams’ philosophy ultimately led to a title…which Whitworth agreed with along with agreeing that “all in” attitude put the Rams …read more



Andrew Whitworth Shares Strong Take on Rams Jalen Ramsey Trade

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