DEAR HARRIETTE: I feel like I’m betraying my hairstylist.

I had been going to the same person for a few years. A girlfriend of mine told me about a stylist she has been using, and I tried her out. She is amazing and has given me a fresh look that I like — but I feel guilty. I was loyal to this other woman for years.

I think I want to continue going to this new stylist. Should I say something to my longtime stylist?

Saying Goodbye

DEAR SAYING GOODBYE: While you do not have to say anything, it would be kind of you to reach out to her to say something out of respect. You can call her or send her a note to thank her for taking care of you for so many years.

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Rather than completely closing the door, you can tell her that you decided to go in a different direction for now, and you wanted her to know. Add that you appreciate how she has been there for you for so long. Do not promise to come back; do not criticize her for any shortcomings she may have. Just express your gratitude and say that you are currently working with someone else.

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Harriette Cole: Should I tell my hairstylist why I won’t be back?

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