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Jodie Sweetin recently apologized to fans for being so “quiet” on social media lately, and let a secret slip in the process. The actress, who rose to fame as a child actor on “Full House,” said her absence was due to her being focused on filming a yet-to-be-announced Hallmark mystery movie in Toronto.

After very few original whodunits aired on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in 2022, leaving some to wonder if Hallmark had given up on the genre, fans have been thrilled by a slew of recent announcements about new mysteries in the works. But a new movie with Sweetin hadn’t been one of them. Here’s what you need to know:

Jodie Sweetin Says Her Next Hallmark Movie Will Be Released in Spring 2023

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During an Instagram Live on March 2, 2023, Sweetin told her fans she hadn’t been very active on social media because she’d been so busy filming.

“I was very quiet in February,” she said. “I was in Toronto working, I was doing a new Hallmark movie which is gonna come out this spring. It’s a mystery movie, so something a little bit different.”

Sweetin, whose last Hallmark movie was 2022’s “A Cozy Christmas Inn,” continued, “There is no Christmas in this one. It’s a Hallmark mystery movie. The Jane De Silva mystery is going to be coming this spring.  So I’ll keep you guys all posted on that.”

Jane De Silva was a character in four mystery novels written by K.K. Beck in the early 90s, according to Publishers Weekly. The amateur detective is featured in “A Hopeless Case,” “Amateur Night,” “Electric City,” and “Cold Smoked.”

Sweetin, who has been open about her ADHD and anxiety, said during her Instagram Live that when she’s filming, she tries to just focus on the script and role.

She said, “When I’m working, my days are insane. I don’t even have my phone on me. I try to just kinda focus, which is really hard for me!”

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Jodie Sweetin Reveals She’s Been Filming Secret Hallmark Movie

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