HGTV host Jasmine Roth has a real sense of adventure, and she’s passing it along to her 2-year-old daughter, Hazel.

“Love them both so much! Can’t believe my little 2 yr old [Hazel] is on a chairlift. I mean, I can believe it since we have been practicing for this day all winter…but you know what I mean. Proud mama over here. She loved it too!” Jasmine wrote in a March 12 Instagram post after spending her day on the mountain with Hazel and her husband Brett Roth.

The video shows little Hazel sitting with her father on the chairlift going up the mountain, and then holding her father’s hands as the two snowboarded side-by-side down the mountain. Hazel even let go of her father’s hands at the end of their run, balancing on her own as she stopped.

After spending the morning with his daughter, Brett took to a more advanced part of the mountain for a solo ride, which he documented on his own Instagram page.

Jasmine Roth Has Had Hazel Snowboarding Since She Was 8 Months Old

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Fans were quick to comment on Jasmine’s post, impressed by both Hazel’s snowboarding prowess and her parent’s dedication for passing on their love of snowboarding to their daughter.

“This baby has a passport, traveled to different countries, snowboards, and swims. At 2. I better get my life in order. Clearly, I have done something wrong 😂 😂 😂” one fan wrote.

“Two words: just wow! Go Hazel 🙌❤️🙌. She’s amazing and so is her devoted Dad xx” another fan added.

“Definitely takes some skill for her dad to be able to help her like that! And [she’s] so stinkin cute!!” a third fan commented.

Hazel’s chairlift and snowboarding experience may have been her first “big mountain run” as Jasmine wrote in a caption on her video, however the “Help! I Wrecked My House” host has had her daughter out on the slopes since before most babies start walking or talking. Jasmine first posted a video of Hazel snowboarding at eight months old in December 2020.

At the time her daughter could not stand or walk on her own, so her parents got her a small board with a …read more



VIDEO: Jasmine Roth Goes Snowboarding With 2-Year-Old Daughter

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