Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Last of Us finale

Tonight, as the Oscars aired on ABC, millions of viewers turned their attention elsewhere, to the season finale of HBO’s The Last of Us. For those who have played the video game, they knew what was coming, but even then, it hurt just as much the second time around. Speaking of the video game, many are wondering what Season 2 of the TV series will look like. It was announced in January that the hit show would be coming back for a second season, and with the first season closely following the storyline of the game, it’s to be expected that the creators of the show will follow suit in Season 2.
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The second part of the game has a much darker tone following the harrowing final scene in the first. The TV adaptation ends in the same way as the game, with Ellie (Bella Ramsey) asking Joel (Pedro Pascal) to promise that he didn’t lie to her about there being others who are also immune to Cordyceps and that the doctors didn’t need her after all. He reassures her that it’s true, and they make their way to Jackson, Wyoming, to settle down with Joel’s brother Tommy. Without spoiling anything for The Last of Us Part II, it’s fair to say that there is a time jump, and a violent attack sets the game’s story in motion.

While fans of the show wait for the next season to be released, here’s everything we know so far.

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Who will be back for Season 2 and when will they begin filming?

In an interview with W Magazine, Ramsey told the publication that they will be returning to play Ellie, and while Pascal has yet to say anything about the reprisal of his role, it’s expected that he will be back. There have not been any announcements as to when the show will begin filming, but when Pascal was asked during an interview if there’s a chance that filming will begin later this year, he said that there is.

Many of the major actors who appeared in Season 1 played characters who died, so with the exception of any flashbacks they would not be returning. But there are many crucial characters in …read more

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What to Expect from The Last of Us Season 2

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