Sore feet are no fun. And if you have to spend all day on your feet, the pain and discomfort can make life truly miserable. Amazon shoppers think they’ve found the perfect solution to foot pain with the comfortable Feethit Women’s Slip-On Walking Shoes, which are on sale for $37. Get ready to fall in love with these slip-on sneakers. They have over 6,500 five-star reviews from verified buyers, many of which come from those with active jobs — think service industry workers, medical professionals, and even teachers!


If anyone knows a thing or two about being quick, it’s those in the restaurant industry. “I loved these shoes!: one server shared: “I’m a waitress, and I put a lot of wear and tear on my shoes. They didn’t show spills, they didn’t ever pinch or get uncomfortable, and I wasn’t dying to take them off at the end of a shift. I’m about to buy another pair.”

Another relies on these sneakers for long shifts: “EXTREMELY lightweight!” she noted. “Very flexible, soft and squishy. I am a waitress, and comfortable shoes are a necessity! I have wide, completely flat feet and bunions on both, and these feel amazing, even after a 10-hour shift.”

A third chimed in: “I am OBSESSED with these shoes. I’m a waitress at a very busy restaurant, and these shoes are a dream. They are non-slick and just look really great on your feet!”

You know who else loves a pair of comfy, long-haul kicks? Teachers! Shared one: “I needed a shoe that I could wear while teaching and not hurt my feet. These shoes are so comfortable that I bought a second pair after wearing the first pair one day.”


These sneakers aren’t just designed with comfort in mind — they’re also made to be easy to slip in and out of, thanks to their extra-long tongue. Plus, removable and soft insoles hug and contour your feet. In short: They feel (and look like) they’re custom-made to fit your foot perfectly.

“I bought them originally for the fact they were non-slip shoes that weren’t just in black,” a shopper noted. “They’re super comfy and fit like a glove. I was wearing shoes that were worn out and hurting my feet, and my feet actually feel better after wearing these for up to nine hours.”

Some even compared their



Waitresses are dishing about these comfy slip-on sneakers — on sale for just $37

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